The Shrimp Tank - Charleston
The Shrimp Tank - Charleston
What Happens If You Crash a Motorcycle?

Joseph (Joe) Good / Good Law Firm

-Interned for Fishco Management (Hootie & the Blowfish) and Breaking Records (Atlantic subsidiary owned by Hootie)

-Drummer for Five Way Friday (Redeye Records, Chapel Hill, NC); released 4 studio albums and toured Maine to Miami to Mobile to Memphis; Recorded album entitled “Run Like This” in famed Ardent Studios, studio A in Memphis.

– Started national mixer company Fat & Juicy Brands (12 flavors); travelled the country procuring sales from national retailers and distributors (ask me about Meijers in Michigan and Delhaize in Salsbury, NC)

-Attended law school in Michigan at W. Michigan University. Married an Italian from Dallas. 2 kids- Caroline (1) and JoJo (3). My kid is speaking Italian often. He said buzz off to me in Italian the other day. I looked at my wife like- what did he just say to me? My wife said he just told you to take a hike.

– Clerked in the SC Court of Appeals and then started a law firm with some friends which ultimately became Joseph C. Good, III PA. Focus on Criminal Defense and DUI Defense.


In my spare time…

I like to beat Eric Elkins on the golf course, smoke meat on the green egg (trying a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and have been researching the hell out of it on youtube); play with my kids and my dog usually at the same time; entertain friends in a socially distant manner; play tennis and then complain about my legs hurting; I weight train twice per week in MT Pleasant at CD Fit and I practice Kempo Karate at Masters Studios in Mt Pleasant- its good for mobility and stretching my back and legs….and actually helps my golf game; I like to go shrimping during shrimping season; I still play drums with different groups around town and my old band reunites once or twice a year.

I have a sister, Katharine, that lives in the Old Village. My mom and dad live on James Island. As a kid I grew up downtown on the corner of Gibbes and Rutledge. Graduated from Charleston Day School, Bishop England (did 2 years at Christ School in Arden, NC), and University of South Carolina.



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Joseph (Joe) Good / Good Law Firm