The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boston - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boston - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Why Live Stream Video Can Double Your Client Acquisition

Davinder Singh / Stage TEN

Stage TEN is a live streaming platform to create, distribute and discover interactive and transactable content. We enable creators, brands and retailers to monetize their content and interactions through various mechanisms such as eCommerce transactions, tipping/ donations, pay per view and pay to play.

Our mission is to enable creators of all kinds (individuals, brands and retailers) to monetize their content in more direct ways (i.e., eCommerce transactions, tipping/ donations, pay per view and pay to play) versus the advertising model where creators receive a very small share of the value generated. We see the convergence of content and commerce in the future.

Through transactions and 2-way interaction we aspire to bring back trust and human connection to the buying experience. With the proliferation of eCommerce the consumer buying experience is transactional and lonely. The consumer is left to wade through reviews (which can’t be always trusted) and uninspiring product information to determine the best product for their needs. We believe through live commerce, brands and retailers would have the opportunity to build back trust and a direct relationship with their consumers – thus creating long term loyalty The 2-way interaction not only increases conversion rate for brands but also creates value through immediate product feedback, creating a more compelling brand story and greater product awareness.

Over the long term, we see live commerce becoming a key part of every retailer’s content strategy. Live commerce is a low cost way to produce content that is interactive, transactable and can be converted to video content for on-demand consumption Live commerce is already a $170 billion industry in China (in terms of GMV) with more than 17% of total e-commerce revenue in China coming through live commerce. Adoption is just starting in North America.

Over the last year, Stage TEN has worked with some of the top brands, celebrities and artists to produce interactive content. With the addition of commerce, that content can now be monetized in new ways. We recently partnered with Nora McInerney from Terrible! Thanks for Asking to produce a commerce show that was wildly successful. We also partnered with Atlantic Records to produce a pre-launch party for the boy band Why Don’t We’s new album “The Good Times and Bad Ones”. The pre-launch party drove sales of their album globally.

Stage TEN is unique in it’s value prop as we own the technology stack to create and distribute the content. We have a proprietary software encoder to easily produce content incorporating multiple live streams. We also have a proprietary low latency interactive video player that can be hosted on any domain. Finally, with an in-house content production team that has recently produced some of the most watch live content (e.g., Mr Beast’s Rock Paper Scissor contest with 32 remote participants), we are able to help showcase how live content can be a differentiator for creators and brands.



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Davinder Singh / Stage TEN