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Zach Zelner - Penny Delivers

Zach Zelner HeadshotZach Zelner / Penny Delivers

In 2012, Zach dropped out of his freshman year at Florida State University and launched a cookie delivery startup out of his apartment with $124 in capital. In the years following, Zach independently bootstrapped company growth to 3 retail locations across Florida and over 100 employees making 30,000+ deliveries/month. 

His background in delivery was the inspiration to launch Penny, a 1¢ restaurant delivery startup and full-service delivery outsourcing system. Since June 2015, Penny has exploded into a team of 185 drivers and $8MM in revenue. When Penny expanded to Atlanta in 2016, Zach and his team relocated from Florida and set up HQ in Midtown where they currently operate.



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Zach Zelner/ Penny Delivers


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